There are a number of ways to pay for Jack Visuals photography services. Apart form paying by cash, you can also pay by bank transfer (HK, China, US, EUR) or credit card through Paypal. You can even pay through Alipay (支付寶) which is one of the most popular digital wallet in China. Even bitcoin is accepted by Jack Visuals. Jack Visuals is probably the first photographer / designer in Hong Kong who accepts bitcoin!
  • Bank Transfer (Hong Kong)

    HKD (Hong Kong)
    Bank Name: Shanghai Commercial Bank
    Swift Code: SCBKHKHHXXX
    Account Number: 372-14-21203-3
    Account Name: Jack Visuals

    HKD (Hong Kong)
    Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH
    Account Number: 842-001455-888
    Account Name: Chan Chiu Yeung

  • Bank Transfer (Overseas)

    RMB (China)
    Bank Name: China Construction Bank
    Account Number: 6210 8372 0002 6514

    USD (United States)
    Bank Name: First Century Bank
    Routing (ABA): 061120084
    Account Number: 4011695458693
    Account Type: CHECKING

    EUR (Eurozone)
    Bank Name: Wirecard
    IBAN: DE54512308006500084108
    Bank Country: Germany

  • CHEQUE (Hong Kong)

    Address: Flat C, 12/F, Mai Kei Industrial Building, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
    Payable to: Jack Visuals

  • Online Payment

    (VISA, Master, American Express, UnionPay, Discover)

    Receipient ID: [email protected]

    Alipay 支付寶
    Receipient ID: [email protected]

    Bitcoin address: 1HQqSbSPPJp5XoYJRsifENgDqbSBAgz22G