Who are Jack Visuals? What do we do?

Jack Visuals is a creative agency and production house, and is here to help you create visual compelling content for your business or personal life. Our focuses are photography, videography, creative design and online marketing. Apart from helping our clients, we are also here to help maintaining the standard of the industry by providing free tutorials and paid workshops. We believe by sharing what we have learnt from the path we have been through, we can create a better creative community!

Photography / Videography 攝影及攝錄服務

Photography and videography are our core services. We have been shooting different personal and commercial projects including wedding, product, event, landscape, interior etc. We have solid understanding on the requirements for all these subjects. And we are also good at coming up with different service packages to suit your budget constrain. Check with us to understanding more about our photography/videography service.

Creative Design & Production 創意設計及製作

Corporate clients are making a lot of investments boosting their business. And we realized that customers are more appealed to compelling content. Therefore our creative design & production services are here to help your business grow. By building your brand image, your business will be more regonized by customers. We also design websites, flyers, email templates etc that works with your marketing campaign!

Online Marketing 網上宣傳推廣

Online marketing is a myth to lots of people. We have often heard business spending lots of money but yield very little result. Online market is a totally different landscape compared to traditional marketing. To be able to help your brand stand out, it requires building your online presence (website, facebook page etc) and be able to promote them. Our SEO and online marketing experts are here to come up with a plan for you to grow your business!

Creative Academy 視覺設計教學

We understand that being an aspiring photographer/designer is never an easy path. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. Mastering the gears (camera, lighting etc) and creative softwares (Adobe photoshop, illustrator, premier pro etc) are essential. We also conduct classes for adults and children. Check with us if you want to understand more about the courses that we provide.

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Jack Visuals has created stunning images, designs, websites for numerous brands, including international organizations (e.g. JCI, ISS), listed companies (e.g. HSBC, DBS, Fresenius Medical Care), creative agencies etc.
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