Is the post processing part outsourced or being processed by Jack?

I believe to preserve the intention of my work, from pre-shooting, shooting, post processing or even printing should be carefully monitored by myself. I personally don’t believe the outsourcing model will create any stunning image. And it is also violating my principle of doing photography, which is the pursuit of perfect images. Therefore at this moment, all your photos are being handled by myself with utmost care.

Why is there an economy pre-wedding photography package?

First of all, I strongly recommend couples to join my standard package, which gives enough time for us to enjoy the whole experience. I believe pre-wedding shooting is a once in a life time experience, it captures the glamorous moment of the bride and the intimacy between the couple. However, I understand couples may have hard time picking their photographer. So I create this budget package for couples to experience the journey with us.

The economy pre-wedding package covers 3 hours shooting time, you can choose a morning session, afternoon session or an evening session. There is no limitation on the number of shooting spots but would recommend to have all of them within walking distance, so we would have more time for shooting.

Why is there a life time 25% off for second purchase?

I treasure the time with you during our shooting. And I consider return clients are those who really appreciate my work. I am therefore very happy to shoot for them again. It means friendship to me more than business. Therefore I offer a 25% discount for all non-commercial photo shooting to return clients.

If I have special ideas on my pre-wedding/wedding pictures, are you open to discussion?

Absolutely! Photography is a creation process, it needs to be discussed and well planned to achieve perfect result. I am open to any ideas which will create good final product. In fact, I enjoy communicating with my clients to understand what message they want to tell through the pictures.

How do you compare your work with the other photographers in the market?

I don’t compare. And I respect their creations.

What did I get other than the pictures?

Friendship. I consider all my clients as my life-time friend. When people ask me to take pictures for them, very often that is a very important moment of their life. I always feel honoured and thankful to be the one who captures these important moment. Therefore, from time to time, there will be discount, gift or whatever just for my old customers. And even if there is promotion campaign for attracting new customers, return customers take the priority.

Besides, as you may have already known, return customers will enjoy life time extra 25% off for all my photography services.

Do I need to worry about losing my images?

Please be rest assured that your images will be backed up in multiple locations. I paid for this backup solution provider as I treat your images as important as mine.

Can I get back the RAW files as well?

RAW files are unprocessed images. All images will be retouched by Jack before sending back to clients. Unprocessed images are like unfinished work, a true professional photographer will not deliver RAW files to clients. Therefore, I am delivering high resolution, retouched JPEG files to my clients. Please be rest assured these JPEG files are high resolution and they can be used for printing canvas or album in large size.

How long can I get back my pictures?

Please allow up to three months for the image processing. Retouching is a creative processing which takes time. Having said that, I do expedite the process depending on your situation. So do let me know if you would like to have your images back earlier. For your information, usually for non-commercial photography, clients are willing to wait for a bit longer as they prefer better result. For commercial photography, they prefer to have a shorter time to market.

Pre-wedding / Wedding photography – ETA ~3 months
Event photography – ETA ~1 week

How do I select pictures for printing

Once you have access to the online album, you can select the pictures there by leveraging Pinterest. Instructions can be found here.

I have a bit of camera shy, will that be a problem?

Don’t worry about that. Not everyone is a super model. So it is understandable to act a bit awkward in front of the camera. We will spend some time warming up before the actual shooting. Just act like yourself, I will guide you for the posing etc. Relax and enjoy are the two key elements for good photos!

The photos I received have a small file size, isn’t high resolution JPEG big in terms of file size?

That’s normal. Your photos are delivered in high resolution JPEG and the file size is compressed using JPEG mini, a patent pending compression technology, which can significantly reduce file size without any noticeable difference. I have paid for the technology to save up your hard disk space. There won’t be any issue printing these pictures out big.

What are the payment options available?

Jack Visuals has clients all over the world. To cater for the need of your payment preference, we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit cards and even digital currency like bitcoin. Please refer to out payment options for further details.