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We have created a bunch of illustrations and are turning them into products like T-shirts, framed canvas and even Chinese red packets. We are going to create more and more of them in the coming future. These products are sold in various online market places and physical stores. These are all original artworks. Check our shop to find out more!

While creating illustrations with different drawing styles, it turns out that our our unique chinese watercolor cartoon style is the most popular among all. We name this series of artworks ‘Arigatou’, which means “Thank You” in Japanese. We would like to remind people of be grateful and have faith.

If you are interested to be our resellers, please feel free to contact us.

Customized Illustration

Interested in our work? Want to have something similar for your business?
Whether you would like to have a commercial license of our work or you would like to have customized illustration for your business, discuss with us. Our customised illustrations can be used in advertisements, book covers, websites, cards and various prints.

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