Meet the team that create masterpieces

In Jack Visuals, we strive our best to create stunning images for your special moment in life, business etc.

Jack Chan

Art Director

Jack Chan (B.ENG.)
Art Director, Photographer, Educator
Member of RPS, WPPI, AsiaWPA

Jack is a lucky person. Having got an excellent academic performance in school, he accomplished his university degree for free with all the scholarships awarded by the college. Then he got the offer from Morgan Stanley, a top investment bank, and had a rewarding career there. His luck didn't stop here. He later mastered piano with his gifted talent and founded a successful musical educational centre, LBSM 愛琴軒.

He reached financial freedom before he turned 30. Instead of “getting retired", he devoted himself in visual arts creation, which was something he has been deeply interested in since he was young. Within a short period of time, he has gained lots of support and trust from his clients, fans, students, friends and family and he was very thankful about that. He will continue his journey which is to pursue for perfect images. Stay tuned for more of his masterpiece.

Please visit Jack's personal website to understand more about him.

Easy Chan

Videographer, Photographer, Designer

Easy Chan (B.A.)
Videographer, Photographer, Designer

Easy is a designer who graduated in Visual Communication (Photography) at Birmingham City University. With his inborn talent in arts and the solid knowledge from his study, he is able to see the world in a different way. He can always capture beautiful moment from an artistic perspective.

Easy is an all-rounded media expert. His expertise includes photography, videography, brand building, design etc. His all rounded talent earns him exposure working with different big brands including Television Broadcast Limited(TVB), Digital Broadcast Corporation(DBC), Creation House and other media production studio. Being able to work in a creative field as he always wishes, he is living a very fulfilled and happy life and you can definitely feel his character when you have a chance to work with him.

Tin To

Lighting Specialist

Tin To (B.A.)
Lighting Specialist, Musician

Born in Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles at 1993, started working as a product photographer at 2004, where he shot tens of thousands of picture with precise handling of lights and reflections on products. Also a self-taught piano musician since 1995, who plays freely without knowing anything about reading music, and ultimately became a professional piano tuner/technician at 2010. Tin has always been focusing on the mixture of "logic", "concept", "passion", and "heart" in all his work, which led him to be able to accomplish many difficult tasks with high precision and depths. In 2014, Tin have naturally wandered back into the field of photography, where he now maximize himself and indulging in life with his natural sense of passion in art and music. Tin always follows his style, to "all in" and believes his passion and himself, with no backup plan.

Los Angeles has opened up an infinite sky upon him, where it allowed him to think freely without bounds. The universe does not have "up" nor "down", "big" nor "small", "right" or "wrong", there is only resonance. There is no need to follow any rules, and he never stops looking for what's more outside the box. At the end of the day, what matter the most is who had the most fun. Tin always recognize the kid inside him, who laughs and cries, who does whatever and goes wherever he wants. We are born to be free, and in this society where there is so much restrictions, he has a passion to be free, and to let others be free. This lifestyle and enthusiasm have naturally brought Tin here, to play and unveil the full potential of beautiful harmonies of light.

How we work

We always understand your requirements before the actual work. Be it a personal photography project like your wedding, or a commerical brand building project to help taking your company to the next level, we are always here to help. Understanding your need is always our first priority.

Once we have an understanding on your need, that's when our creativity kick in. For photography projects, we strive in creating images that are different, long lasting and artistic. For design and branding building, we create things that capture attention of your target audiences.

Delivery. Our work will be delivered to you in all sort of formats that you like, digital/print, online/offline. Work will always be delivered in a timely manner while maintaining the highest standard of quality. We also have well chosen partners working with us to create even the most exotic products that you can ever imagine. Imagination is the limit here.