Jack Chan in Thailand

Jack Chan in Thailand

Q: Why you pick photography as your career?

A: I have been working as a professional in the financial industry for like 8 years, since I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong . Though I have a stable and well paid job, I feel that it’s time for me to leave my comfort zone and start a new adventure. I have been in love with graphic design since I was in secondary school and I got experience and the skills working on posters, flyers, logos for SME. And that’s why I founded Jack Visuals to explore the possibility of creating stunning images in different genres.

Q: How will you describe your style in photography?

A: I can’t exactly explain what my photography style is. And I believe if I try to define it, that will limit my creativity. I create different styles of photography depending on different situations. I always try to introduce some level of creativity in the picture, to further enhance the mood and drama of the work. Some people argue that destroys the originality of the moment but I see it in a different way. There are things that the camera alone can’t capture. And that’s why as an artist, I have to present the exact feeling I got at that moment in the picture.

I always suggest my clients to take a look at my portfolio before picking me as their photographer. I believe if my clients and I share the same vision, we will work well along with each other and create all these masterpieces.

Q: What are your main focus areas?

A: I take all types of pictures. Every time I am involved in a new genre, I consider them as a new challenge to me. And is these challenges which keep me alive and drive me forward. Having said that, you can find that most of my work is about wedding and interior design photography. I love shooting pictures for couples because there is nothing more amazing than capturing their best moment in life. The smile, the tears are all authentic and I enjoy myself being part of their journey. For interior design photography, I feel like I am working closely with the interior designer. I need to read through their mind and capture the best part in their design and show case them in the frame. Turning 3D into something 2D is an interesting process and I am always being inspired by that.

Q: In terms of wedding photography, is there any advise you can give to your potential clients?

A: I think that a good pre-wedding photo consist of 3 main parts

  1. The subject (pose, expression)
  2. The capture (composition, lighting)
  3. The post-processing (colour grading, tone mapping)

While I will be working on part 2 and 3, part 1 is really a co-operation work between the subject and the photographer. The subject has to relax and demostrate his/her true personality in front of the camera. The key for that is trust. The subject and the photographer has to trust and collaborate with each other to complete the work. The photographer will provide guidance on the pose but it is up to the subject to interpret the guideline and show the truth of his/herself in front of the camera. Having said that, it doesn’t mean we require people to be a super model in order to come up with a good shot. Because everyone has their beautiful side which just needs to be discovered