Sebastian’s 100 Day Party

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We met Sebastian’s parents in Liam & Jacob’s birthday party last time when were shooting the twins in the Hong Kong Football Club. They come up to us and would like us to help shooting for their son’s 100 day party. As I have mentioned previously, we love shooting kid’s birthday party as there are lots of happiness and energy in this kind of party. Lots of great shots can be captured easily.

Sharing some of the happy moments captured in the event, enjoy!

JackVisuals-20160618-0309.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0297.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0242.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0239.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0042.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0011.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0027.jpg JackVisuals-20160618-0105.jpg

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