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Sony Camera Firmware Update Fail in Mac OS X, resolved

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The update is aborted due to an error during the process.

Follow the following procedures:

1. Turn off the camera and remove the battery from it. If an AC adapter is connected, disconnect it.
2. Reboot the software and restart from the beginning.

Your camera will have a red LED light on at that time as if it is busy processing something. Even after you have restarted the camera by removing the battery, it won’t work.

After some investigation, I finally find out that is caused by the App Nap feature in Mac OS X Mavericks. While you are running the firmware updating, you have to make sure you keep the updater running in the foreground. Don’t switch to any other app. The thing is if you switch to another app, Mac OS will put your SONY firmware updater on sleep so to save energy, this is the so called App Nap feature.

I have now updated my SONY A7, A7R, A7M2 to 2.0, they all work fine. The update process is going to take 10-15 minutes, just keep it running in the foreground. It will be fine.

If you haven’t already updated your firmware, I hope this sharing will help. Cheers!

SONY Firmware Updater

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