Canon 5D Mark III

Canon DSLR Model Naming Convention

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Recently I got quite a number of students interested in buying a new camera after my photography class. For beginner, they would often like to turn to me for suggestions. As there are lots of choices in the market.

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

Today, I would like to explain to you the Canon DSLR Model Naming Convention, that will probably help you understand which one is suitable to you.

You have probably heard of the model 5D, 1D, 700D, 60D etc, but how do Canon name their models? Is 700D better than 5D as it has a bigger model number?

Turns out the answer is not that trivial. In fact, Canon has divided their product line into three grades. The professional cameras are those with 1 digit and end with a “D”, for example 1D, 5D . Two digits model number is for the intermediate. And we have 3 digits or even 4 digits for the beginners.

Exactly why Canon is naming their camera like this is an unknown. But with this in mind, I hope you have a better understanding about picking your right camera. As a reference, you can also check what gears I am using here, 🙂

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