Introducing Jack Visuals Premium Printing Services

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Introducing Jack Visuals printing service! After researching for a while, I think that is better to print my work by myself. To ensure the best quality of work, any serious photographer would want to have a complete mastery of the whole work flow, including the printing. The colour is carefully calibrated by me, producing artworks with lab-quality and portraying my true intention. Pictures are available in a variety of sizes. The rate card will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

“Nothing has impact like a print.”

I truly believe that nothing has impact like an actual print. The subtlety of the texture, the tenderness of the weight, and the mesmerizing smell of the art paper is irreplaceable by any digital form of work. In order to touch, to smell, and to feel the art pieces at their best quality, here I would like to recommend my supporters, my friends-to-be, to opt for the printing service. I’m sure you will like it.

Besides, I would also like to take this chance to send my greatest gratitude to my early supporters. I am giving out these 11″ x 16″ card board framed prints to them for free! These are printed and framed by myself. I think they are just gorgeous. I hope you will like it too!

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Jack Visuals Premium Printing

Jack Visuals Premium Printing

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